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With countless years of experience in wiring harness assemblies, allow one of our experienced engineering technicians to help with the design. We can help with lean manufacturing techniques to eliminate waste and additional costs by working through the prototype phase with our customers. Allow us to help fabricate your custom assembly using the latest estimating software explicitly geared to the wire harness industry.

Our staff can:

  • Identify components
  • Source components
  • Eliminate excess circuitry, saving thousands
  • Prototype processing for new product introduction

With our computer-aided software, we can establish a preliminary price. Once an approved sample has been manufactured, a formal price will be determined. Our design expertise can save thousands of dollars in the cost of goods for your company.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are earned in every way: personal service, quality products, delivery, and price. We will maintain honest and ethical relationships that ensure growth and profitability. The manufacturing plant and sales office are in the same building so that we can accommodate special requests as soon as possible.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed through a rigorous quality program with continual improvements, nightly production meetings, and formalized quoting process. If a problem arises, the challenges presented will be handled quickly, efficiently, and professionally to maintain customer commitments. Call us and see the customer-friendly approach we have.

Quality Policy:

Service Electric Supply, Inc. is committed to continually improving its processes to maintain and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


"In the best companies, everyone holds everyone else accountable - regardless of level or position. The path to high productivity passes not through a static system, but through face-to-face conversations at all levels."

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We have thousands of components in stock.
Our computer controlled wire processing equipment makes consistent and precise cuts and strips.
Our ultrasonic welding machines produce ultra-reliable, repeatably accurate welds.
We have dozens of terminating machines than can handle any terminal.
Quality controls are implemented throughout the manufacturing process to ensure your exact specifications are met.
We offer insert injection molding for your custom connectors.
No job is too big for our skilled and dedicated staff.
We rigorously test our products to ensure they perform exactly as expected.
From basic tape or corrugated loom to nylon weave, we offer the protection level needed for your application.
The final product is ready to ship.